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CXC Physics serves as a resource for students all across the Caribbean region who are preparing for the CSEC Physics exam delivered by Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) .

Here you will find material that covers a broad range of topics and appears in different formats; text, video interactive media and even practical activities. You will find content that caters to your unique learning style. You can expect to strengthen your understanding and deepen your knowledge of core topics through the use of this page.
The Author: 

Antonia Warren: Profile Pic smallI am a born Jamaican who grew up in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. From a very tender age, my choice of profession was Mechanical Engineering but as fate would have it, I landed my first full time job teaching Physics and Maths back in 2000. I haven’t stopped teaching Physics from since then. I only took short breaks while completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and then again to do a Master of Arts degree in Digital Technologies Communication and Education.

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