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Galileo Galilei Quick Quiz

This is a quick review quiz on all things you need to know about Galileo for your CSEC Physics exams. If you want a quick review before taking the quiz here is a short video about Galileo Galilei. Here’s the Quiz

Scientific Method Review Quiz

Galileo’s Contribution to Science

Galileo Galilei, born in Italy in 1564 made contributions to Physics and Astronomy and has been called the father of science. He is well known for developing the approach to scientific theories. His method of careful experimentation and observation contributed to the… Continue Reading →


Which of these two blocks would be heavier? One is made of lead and the other is made of cork (that’s the same cork that is used to seal wine bottles.) The Explanation Density is the term that we can… Continue Reading →

Mass and Weight

It is common for students to mix up the terms mass and weight when studying physics.  Mostly it is because people generally have had experiences with it before starting to study. We usually talk about how much we weigh or about how much this… Continue Reading →

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