Are you planning on improving your grades for this semester? Are you planning to study Physics hard? Do you know how to study harder? Here’s how and it’s very simple.

Set Action Goals

Action Goals

An action goal is what you intend to do in order to achieve that ultimate goal of improving your grades.

For example, plan to do three extra physics questions after dinner every other day or spend 30 minutes checklist-1622517_640-copy-minevery Wednesday and Saturday reading a chapter in the textbook. Write down the actions in a diary with little boxes next to them and tick each one off when you’ve completed it.

This way you are more likely to take action to achieving your goal because you have a specific plan on how to achieve it.

Succeeding at Physics involves doing a mix of reading notes, doing questions, reading the textbook and watching videos with applications. So set action goals for each of these, decide how much you are going to do, when you plan to do it and stick to it.

You don’t have to do an enormous amount every time, you can do small amounts too. It might look like you’re not doing much when you look at each individual action but by just doing three extra questions every other day, after a month you would’ve done more than 35 problems. You’ll begin to grow more competent and confident and you’d soon begin to see changes.

Stay encouraged.

What’s most important is that you follow the actions that you set out for yourself. Celebrate each time you are able to do so. You are building healthy daily study habits for yourself. Stay encouraged through all of it even when you don’t meet the goals.

In conclusion set specific action goals for how to improve your grade. Action goals are things like reading the text for an extra 30 minutes on Wednesdays or Saturdays, working extra problems every other day or reading notes on the same day after class. Remember to stay encouraged and celebrate each time you accomplish these smaller goals.

Good luck setting action goals for this semester.