Have you ever paused to consider what really was the star that shined over Bethlehem when Jesus was born? In the, only recent, past I would’ve scoffed at the person trying to explain the occurrence of the star. Trying to explain it, for me, would’ve diminished it’s importance. Frankly, I was never really interested in an explanation. But now reading the possibilities of what could’ve actually happened is quite exciting and what I see, is an even greater, bigger God who controls even the events of the entire universe! Are you interested? Read on.

There are a few possible explanations that the experts put out there for what happened. I will talk about two of them.

One of them is that the Star of Bethlehem was a nova. I decided to look this up to see what it was.

Stars shine because they give off light energy from a reaction in their core. The reaction uses hydrogen and converts it to helium. In the process, light is given off. It is a nuclear reaction.

Now when all of the hydrogen is used up, they become dormant but can shine again temporarily if it gains some hydrogen fuel from a nearby star. The transfer of the fuel from the nearby star can result in an explosion on the surface of the previously dead star. This causes the star to shine once more but not for long. It soon loses all its fuel and stops shining.

Novas appear suddenly in the night sky and then die off after weeks of prominence so this can be an explanation for the appearance of the star shining over Bethlehem that guided the magi and its subsequent disappearance.
What do you think?