Through the use of modern software and what is known about the motion of the planets, scientists are able to recreate the movements of the planets and stars in the sky at specific places and era. One current convincing theory about the Star of Bethlehem is that it was a series of planetary conjunctions. Don’t lose me. This just means that a planet aligned itself with another planet or star so that they appeared as if they were one when viewed from earth. Remember that planets are also seen as stars from earth.

This is what some astronomers believe. The first one occurred between the largest planet, Jupiter and the largest star Regulus and the final one between Jupiter and Venus. In this final conjunction, the planets came so close to each other that it wasn’t possible to tell them apart. Each planet contributed its full brightness to the event and it created the brightest spectacle in the Judean sky. There hadn’t been recorded any such event in history nor ever has been and they believe that it indicated the birth of Christ.

Now to say that the Star of Bethlehem was simply two planets that align themselves, for me, really trivializes the great magnificent thing that happened over 2000 years ago. I was contented to think that there was no explanation, and just an act of God. Now, I like to think that even though God orchestrated it all, it doesn’t diminish it in any way if we have a possible explanation. I remember that He himself is the embodiment of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We just get glimpses of it every now and then.

What makes it interesting to me as well is that according to astrologer Craig Chester, the Hebrew word for Jupiter, “Sadeq” was used to refer to the Messiah and Venus is considered to be related to love and fertility. The magi, who in fact were astrologers, on seeing Jupiter approaching Venus would’ve interpreted it as the birth of new king.

Also from the time of the first sign, the first conjunction between Jupiter and Regulus (there is significance in this Jupiter – Regulus conjunction but I’ve excluded it here) to the time of the final conjunction between Jupiter and Venus – which created the brightest spectacle, was nine months – the gestation period of a baby.

These events are in fact recorded in history and are exact to the date. That’s why it’s amazing to me. I don’t think that it was coincidental. Notwithstanding though I still have some reservations.

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Disclaimer: While I don’t really intent to have these kinds of debates (this is not a religious blog), I am Christian, it’s Christmas and I was intrigued by the Star of Bethlehem so I did a little research that I thought I could share. I promise that my regular posts will not be this long though.)